It’s the beginning of a new year.  Typically, we start seeing advertisements for diets, fitness gear, and gyms during the weeks leading up to the new year.  Most people make new years resolutions on what they plan to give up or things that they can control.  What about the things we feel we can’t control?  Is it possible to make resolutions for our mental health as well as our physical health?

January can be a good time for self-reflection.  When we focus on the previous year, it is important to think about our mistakes and misjudgments.  Many times, we want to sweep them under the rug and hide them away.  However, we know that history repeats itself and we will continue to mess up if we don’t take the time to reflect on our mistakes.  What can be done to help depressed moods that come and go or anxiety that flares up off and on?  If we are still functioning, then why take the time to do anything about it?  Well, research indicates that functioning depression and anxiety can be the most crippling because people accept it as “the norm” and continue to live their lives feeling like something is missing.

Even if you aren’t experiencing depression or anxiety, now is a good time to pick a behavior, thought pattern, or habit that feels self destructive and explore ways to combat it.  Using a mood tracker or journal is a great way to understand what might be triggering the behavior, thought, or pattern.  Also, seeing a therapist or mental health specialist can help identify and treat the triggers.

Whatever you are dealing with, now is the time to seek treatment.  As we enter a new decade, start thinking about making changes and sticking with them.