Now more than ever, people are being laid off or furloughed from their jobs.  For many of you, this can feel like a punch in the gut.  Not only because of the overwhelming financial worries, but also because you may feel like your job defines you.  For some a job is simply a “job that pays the bills” but for lots of you, it is your career.  Something you have dedicated lots of time and energy towards.  Sometimes it is your whole purpose for getting out bed-

So, in this time of Covid 19, when your job is uncertain, now what?

First, its okay to mourn the loss of a job- this is a big deal and its healthy to be upset and explore those feelings

Second, once you have come to terms with being laid off, now is the time to think about other “purposes” in your life- Is there an aspect of your job that you can continue to invest energy into?  For instance, if you are in marketing, can you find some freelance work?  If you are a preschool teacher, can you offer a Zoom mom’s morning “out”?   Out of tragedy, can arise opportunity.

Third, now is a great time to “find your inner purpose”.  What makes you tick outside of your career or job?  Is there a hobby or interest that was put on the “back burner” because of your career?  It is a good time to sit down and write out personal goals that have nothing to do with your job.

This, my friends, can help you gain perspective.  You will eventually get another job, but hopefully you can go into it with a renewed sense of who you are.