Feeling Overwhelmed

It is September and many of us (including myself) are feeling overwhelmed.  For those with kids, schools have started, which normally would be a huge relief, but for so many parents during Covid, its additional stress since kids are now homeschooled.  For those without kids, you might feel overwhelmed by your work during Covid.  Several [...]

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The 6 Cs of Development During COVID-19

I’m excited to share this blog with you.  Dr. Audrey Prus is an expert in child development, particularly for middle school aged children (please see her bio at the end of the blog).  She also happens to be my mom.  She created an important tool for character development and self-reflection for my middle school aged [...]

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How to Understand and Overcome Low Self Confidence

Diane scheduled her first psychiatric appointment because she “was tired of struggling with low self-confidence”.  She reports that she had been missing out on work opportunities and feeling “overlooked” for promotions.  At first, she thought it was because her boss was “friends” with some of her co-workers but as she began to analyze the situation, [...]

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CBD Oil – Is It Ok for Psychiatric Problems?

In recent months, many of my patients are wondering if CBD oil is a viable medical alternative for anxiety and depression.  Prior to six months ago, I rarely thought about it.  However, it seems that the marketing has picked up and there are signs, flyers, and numerous products touting the major benefits of CBD.  Whether [...]

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Loneliness: More Than Being Alone

February is here and it means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. For some, it’s an exciting time. However, there are many other people that are reminded of how lonely they feel. Loneliness can happen all year and in many different circumstances. It can also be debilitating and lead to numerous physical and psychological [...]

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Mental Health Resolutions

It’s the beginning of a new year.  Typically, we start seeing advertisements for diets, fitness gear, and gyms during the weeks leading up to the new year.  Most people make new years resolutions on what they plan to give up or things that they can control.  What about the things we feel we can’t control?  [...]

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